Green India Mission (Plantation)

Environment and Social Development Association (ESDA) was started a Green India Mission (Tree Plantation Program) from August 15, 2004 with aim to aware and educate the general public regarding importance of trees to sustain the nature or life on the planet Earth and motivate them for plantation. ESDA is trying that every person should plant at least one tree in their life and protect it just like a child.

Tyohar Manao – Ped Lagao: ESDA was introduce a new concept regarding plantation on the theme of “Tyohar Manao – Ped Lagao” July 01, 2007 (on the birthday of ESDA Founder ) with aim to convince or aware and appeal to every citizen of India or responsible persons of the society to plant at least one tree on the occasion of festivals (Tyohar) such as Holi, Deepawali, Eid, Christmas Day, Lohri, Independence Day, Republic Day, their birthday and anniversary, etc.
By this great mission, ESDA have a vision to plant more than

crore of trees till 2025

ESDA is continuing try to convince and motivate the peoples regarding plantation on their birthday & anniversary or other festivals by their thousands of volunteers in more than 15 States of India to publish literature, distribution of pamphlets, potters, stickers and organize program on plantation. Millions of peoples adopted this new initiative of plantation to protect their mother planet Earth. Plantation is compulsory for every member or volunteer of the ESDA. ESDA team has planted more millions of trees during last ten years and others peoples have planted more than million trees by convince of ESDA green mission.